Energy Dispatch 

DEEA Bacau is the first Dispatch Center in Muntenia Nord and Moldova areas and the second authorized Dispatch Center in Romania. The dispatch center was set-up in 2012 and is currently controlling over 250 MW distributed in several wind and photovoltaic plants in Romania.

Eximprod Group

DEEA benefits from the experience of Eximprod Grup (EPG) in the energy sector. Since its foundation in 1994, EPG has grown to become one of the most important companies in the Romanian market of equipment and services for transmission, Distribution and Renewable energy sector. Eximprod Grup has over 350 employees, a 35 million EURO turnover (2013), 5 factories producing more than 300 product types, dedicated business units for SCADA and software, turnkey projects, electrical design and renewable energy projects development. The Grup is present with offices in the 12 most important Romanian cities.

Eximprod Grup has been involved in the development of wind farms since 2003 when it commissioned its first turbine, a Vestas V52 in Topolog, Tulcea. This wind turbine, a first in Romania, is operated since then by EPG. This pilot project offered the experience needed for growing as one of the most important actors in the renewable sector in Romania. EPG has developed several wind and photovoltaic projects that are in various stages of development totaling 422 MW.

In 2012 DEEA Bacau was commissioned. Setting up the Dispatch Center was a natural step forward for Eximprod as it offers the possibility of using the experience achieved in several business areas: implementing dispatch centers for Medium and High Voltage Distribution Networks, with advanced SCADA DMS functions and the requirements of the renewable energy sector.


Team and skills 

DEEA Bacau team consists of dedicated power engineers, with experience between 11 and 27 years in dispatching. Besides dispatch expertise and dispatch center leader capabilities, the DEEA Bacau team gathers additional experience from the fields of operating medium voltage / high voltage substations, incident inspectors and maintenance of power equipment.

In order to efficiently function as a dispatch center for renewable plants, DEEA benefits from assistance from EPG Grup in the areas of SCADA DMS, PRAM and telecommunications.


DEEA equipment allows functioning at optimal parameters regardless of the load degree. In the development of this dispatch center we incorporated all the experience gathered in the implementation of SCADA DMS systems found now in exploitation in Romania, in Electrica Distributie, E.on Moldova Distributie, CEZ Distributie, Ecogen Energy, as well as the experience of Efacec Engenharia, Portugal.

Communication with the dispatch centers belonging to Distribution Operators and Transport Operator is assured, as well as with the dedicated intervention teams through fixed and mobile telephone lines and secure data communications. DEEA is equipped with specialized software platforms in data acquisition and dispatch management according to PE 029/1997 ”Normative for design of Information Systems for Managing through dispatch of the power installations from National Energetic System”, video surveillance, weather information, redundant communications systems, UPS systems that allow autonomous functioning and latest generation hardware equipment.