Production facilities 

As a market leader for a wide range of products and equipment and as a company recognized for its innovative spirit, we are permanently investing in new production capabilities, automation and last generation of equipment. This gives us greater strength on the  domestic market and the force to export to  countries like Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria and Indonesia.

Merei (Buzau) Facility Equipment and products for low voltage & medium voltage applications; Distribution boards Founded in 1994
Ceptura (Prahova) Facility Equipment and products for high voltage applications Founded in 2001
Bucharest Facility Medium Voltage fuses Founded in 2000
Ploiesti (Prahova) Facility Low voltage instrument transformers Founded in 2002

Main Product Lines

Product range Start of Manufacturing Total no of Units sold up to date
Low Voltage and Medium Voltage clamps 1995 +16.000.000
Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Distribution Boxes and Cabinets 1995 +10.300.000
Composite post insulators 2000 +2.000.000
Dead-end insulators
Railway insulators 2002 +130.000
Medium Voltage surge arresters 2003 +260.000
Outdoor Medium Voltage disconnectors 2003 +16.500
Medium Voltage fuses 2000 +250.000
110 – 400 kV long rod insulators 2011 +330.000
110 kV station post insulators 2010 +16.000
123 kV disconnectors 2011 +400

Product Range

In order to complete its product portofolio, Eximprod also distributes products and equipment from world recognized companies based in EU and North America:

  • MV&HV instrument transformers (20 – 400 kV)
  • HV Circuit Breakers (110 – 400 kV)
  • HV Arresters (110 – 400 kV)
  • Other various products and equipment 0,4 – 400 kV